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5 Things To Try In Nashville For Better Health

For a lot of us, there’s still things we WANT to try. Deep fried oreos at Jack Brown’s Beer & Burgers for example.

Yea, you WANT to try it...but should you?
Yea, you WANT to try it…but should you?

But there’s also a lot of things we SHOULD try. We all know that Nashville’s a great place to live, but just living here doesn’t mean you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 5 things to do around our community of Nashville that will improve your health (unlike that deep fried oreo…as delicious as it may be).

Try Crossfit

Getting Crossfit
Ever woken up with an intense desire to move heavy objects?

Try Paddle Boarding in Nashville

Doing Yoga While On a Paddleboard
You don’t HAVE to show off. But it is impressive when you do Yoga.

Of course this one is slightly self-promotional, but paddleboard is a great workout and opportunity to de-stress.

Try Team Green Adventures

Paddle board River Cleanup The Team Green crew over at Lightning 100 keep putting together amazing weekend adventure opportunities, from river clean up to cave exploration. They’re giving back to nature while giving us all opportunities to do something new and exciting!

Try Acupuncture

Getting Acupuncture
Many people enjoy a surprisingly painless and relaxing acupuncture session.

While some may not jump to the conclusion that needles can help your health, there’s a Nashville acupuncturist  or two who are always happy to explain in-depth about it’s health benefits. You can get benefits like releasing pain and stress and even relieve those seasonal allergies with acupuncture. So, why not give it a try?

Try A Tai Chi Class

You don't have to go to China to get your Tai Chi on!
You don’t have to go to China to get your Tai Chi on!

Here are some local Nashville based Tai Chi classes you can try out, take it slow and get centered.

So…What Do You Do To Stay Healthy In Nashville?

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